The school disinfects and measures the body temperature of the students who enter the park every day, conducts e-learning in the classroom, reads books with teachers in the library, learns English by cooking in the English class, explores and learns in the nature corner, and learns in the music class. The Chinese and physical arts are combined with music in class, and in the art and art class, the swinging force is used to draw and draw, and any place can be used as a classroom for class with students.


To appreciate the hard work of medical staff and anti-epidemic personnel, the park specially held the “Thanks to Medical Staff Creation Activity”. It is hoped that students can not only learn the heart of gratitude, but also take practical actions by drawing colorful pictures or creating slogans of gratitude. To express my gratitude to the selfless dedication of medical staff and epidemic prevention personnel.

2018-2019 Graduate Growth Camp

In order to enable graduates to improve their self-care ability and independent thinking before entering primary school, a two-day and one-night growth camp is specially held and they are allowed to leave their parents for a short period of time, so that graduates know how much their parents took care of in the past.

New Year congratulations

As the New Year is coming, our kindergarten will hold New Year’s activities on campus and shoot congratulatory clips, which will be edited into a New Year’s congratulatory video.

Free Play Free Games

Free games are added to the course of this kindergarten, allowing students to explore on their own in different environments, try different touches, break the established game concept, and let students play freely.

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