TWGHs Nickon Kindergarten is child-oriented, and in line with children’s playful and exploratory nature, “free play” is integrated into the curriculum to reduce the norms of games. Collaborate, be the master of the game. In “Free Play”, they can choose a variety of materials and settings according to their own preferences, experience and abilities, combine and create different games, so as to build confidence and enjoy a sense of achievement, which will become a catalyst for children’s learning, It can stimulate children’s curiosity, enhance and maintain their concentration and interest in learning.

Admission Details:

In response to environmental concerns and the need to reduce paper consumption, parents are advised to submit application forms through the online admission application system.


Exercise books & art materials and pupils’ refreshment
Payment must be made for each of the two terms in a single year
Each term, $650 (2023-2024) 
*The school does not repurchase the textbook costs for this year; rather, parents buy them directly from vendors and bookshops.

Parents can apply for "School Expenses Allowance" and "Tuition Fee Remission Scheme" from the "Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency" as needed.

[Parents can purchase the items listed above on their own in the market or entrust the kindergarten on their behalf. Entrusting the kindergarten for “full or part” is entirely voluntary. ]
The above are the fees for the first and second semesters of 2023-2024. For more information on the school’s fees for the 2022-2023 school year, please visit “Kindergarten Overview”.
*The above information is subject to the park, and is subject to change without prior notice.

《Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres》

Other Information:

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